HyperLedger Fabric for Architects & Developers

Take a deep dive through the blockchain concepts of HyperLedger Fabric. Together, we’ll build and code a sample application using Fabric to understand its value proposition, architecture, chaincode, use cases, APIs and deployment methods. This course is perfect for developers with or without blockchain experience that are looking to get a quick and economical understanding of HyperLedger Fabric.

All students will receive a Certificate of Completion which itself will be on the blockchain. All students will also receive a printed and bound copy of the course slide deck.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

* Conceptual Understanding of Hyperledger Fabric which includes Blockchain Structure Identity and MSP CA (Certificate Authority) Orderer Channel

* Set up a Basic Blockchain Network Understand Fabric CLI Create a channel / having peers join it Install chaincode / instantiate it Invoke transaction / query such data

* Build a Blockchain Network with Multiple Servers Setting up two peers (nodes) on two Virtual Machines. Using Docker Swarm to link these two nodes together. Ensuring these two nodes share identical CA and keys and artifacts, which would facilitate communication between them. Once such a network is up and running, test them out

* Creating Web UI interacting with the Blockchain (if time permits) Demonstrate how to leverage REST API Server to create basic web UI that provides access to Fabric blockchain and allows simple transactions such as invoking transaction and query blockchain data over the web.

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